Quality Control
To ensure our work is of high quality, the following procedures are strictly followed by our company:

1. After receiving an inquiry, translation documents are first calculated
and a quotation is provided based on word count, content and
delivery time. If this is accepted, the client needs to sign our
quotation agreement.

2. After receiving the confirmation, we will select the most suitable
translator(s) for this translation work.

3. The translator(s) will translate and also proofread it according to
our quality standards, and then a senior proofreader of our company
will make a final careful check and review.

4. The document will be sent to our client on time based on the
customer's requirements, by email, fax, a mailed printout bearing
our company seal, or on a floppy disk, a compact disk.

5. It is our responsibility to revise without charge if the client feels it
necessary. We are committed to our clients' satisfaction.

As a top-grade translation company, we have a project manager who
is responsible for the overall monitoring of each client's request and
liaises with the client and the translator.

We care greatly about good quality, excellent service and fast delivery.
We have a strong sense of responsibility.

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